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Monday, July 19, 2004

A Case of mistaken identity – Dems cave on Iraq in platform

You've got to wonder what the Democratic Platform Committee was thinking when they recently refused to own up to the fact that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was a monstrous mistake of unrivaled proportions. Maybe it was due to their proximity, at the time, to Disney World. While the Dems sharpened their pencils and dulled our political discourse down in Hollywood, Florida, the vibes from Fantasyland up in Orlando may have drifted southward and effected their deliberations. What other explanation could there be?

Given that the presumed candidate, himself, stated on 60 Minutes just a week ago that King George was mistaken in his invasion, why should wonkey little Dems in non-smoking backrooms be second-guessing him? We know these guys are shall we say...removed from the real world? as they ponder the drawbacks of truth and honesty in the never-ending search for the most advantageous piece of political turf on which to launch their candidate from and thus make the world a… what?.. better place? But, we are told it was Kerry's own who sought to have the term "mistake" become an out-take of the party platform, and that they cut a deal with the Kucinich crowd in exchange for rhetoric on a timeline for an eventual U.S. withdrawal from Iraq (and we thought Kucinich was integrity personified). So, what’s with Kerry? Didn’t he learn anything from his past duplicitous behavior in the Senate over Iraq? 

Given that a majority of citizens in the U.S. feel the invasion was a mistake, why should Kerry and his minions continue straddling the fence? The New York Times said the invasion was a mistake. Registered Republican and national security advisor, Richard Clark has called the invasion an “enormous mistake”. The Pope thinks it was a mistake. Most of the civilized world thinks it was a mistake. Hell, even William Buckley thinks it was a bad idea! What more in the way of cover does Kerry want??

As the opening gavel for the Democratic National Convention lurks in the wings, many of us in this alleged Commonwealth of Massachusetts are feeling mighty cynical about our “favorite son” and his handlers. Being good citizens, most of us will, of course, voice our strong opinions in the proper public venues (read: protest pens) and here on the internet (where no one’s listening anyway) just so we don’t muck things up so much that the Bush neo-cons end up further entrenched in DC making America safe for shoppers and billionaires. But Big D democrats would do well to recall that Massachusetts is no stranger to rebellion, rebellion that changes the landscape quite substancially in the long run. It might serve them well to run a google on “Shays Rebellion” and “committees of correspondence”. And, while they’re at it, they may as well look into “founding principles of the Democratic Party”. Somewhere in there they may be able to identify with something, if I'm not mistaken. 


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