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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Usual suspects need rounding up

It was revealed the other day, even on MSNBC, that the Bush regimes' "Town Hall Meeting" on Monday in New Jersey was totally staged. Surprise! MSNBC failed however to note that half the participants were bused in by the far-right noise machine FreedomWorks. Great name for a rightwing event packing, fake expert-fronting PR machine. FreedomWorks, like "we manufacture freedom-like products!". Their board of directors is made up of such ignoble notables as Dick Armey and Jack Kemp, two guys with lots of experience with such production.

Some other far-right operatives have been in the news lately, but unfortunately the corporate media is failing to connect the dots. (Hey! They've got the Michael Jackson trial to cover. Give them a break! They can't be everywhere). When the news broke that Choicepoint's head honchos were into a little insider trading last year, our faithful guardians in the Fourth Estate failed to mention that Choicepoint is the same outfit that was discovered doing foreign data mining for its friends in the White House. Of course, those are the same friends Choicepoint helped get INTO the White House back during Election 2000. Another perhaps even more fascinating unconnected dot comes in the form of Choicepoint's spiritual founder, Hank Asher, father of the aptly named MATRIX database. Asher was a drug runner in the 1980s during the same time a certain company was involved with the Nicaraguan Contras and illicit drug smuggling. Soooo many of the usual suspects in the Iran-Contra scandal are now, you guessed it, working in the Bush regime!

Have you heard about this from the U.S. corporate media? No? Nothing from the darling of Faux News, Bill O'Reilly? One might think that the guy who wrote the jokes for "Uncle Ted's Ghoul School", a Saturday night monster movie show on WNEP-TV in Scranton,PA might be inclined to cover the ghoul school being run out of the Oval Office, no? Not likely. And it's not likely the "liberal media" on the Networks or the big dailies will connect the dots unless they start to smell blood. THAT won't happen until some sort of critical mass is reached. However, given the incredible outrages committed by this extremist, out-of-control administration, one can't help but wonder if they’re even IS a limit to their arrogance. Let us pray for one?


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