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Friday, March 17, 2006

Experts agree - Bush is an incompetent idiot liar

Indy readers have known for six years that the present occupant in the White House is the worst "president" this nation has ever had, but the minions of the status quo over in the mainstream corporate media kept giving King George good ink and a free ride, as well as sucking-up to an endless rogues' gallery of ethically challenged neocons. The media is no longer the message, rather it is the mouthpiece; the megaphone for corporate interests and the PR manifestation of former President Eisenhower's military-industrial complex. Well, you can't fool all of the people all of the time (as one of our better presidents once said). Now, a new scientific survey by The Pew research Center confirms what we've been saying all along: Bush is an incompetent idiot liar. Those are the three words 48% of us to describe Bush compared with just 28% who use a positive word, and 10% who use a neutral term. Hey, welcome to the real world America!

We wondered if this Kafkaesque nightmare would ever end. It's not over yet, by a long shot, but it IS comforting to know, as Bush's numbers slip into the low 30's, that a growing majority of our neighbors have woken up and realized that the White House thorough cleaning? Of course, we are left to wonder if National Public Relations (NPR), the corporado networks, and the big dailies will catch on to what so many of their victims have finally concluded.

Sooooo, is it time for another war? That's usually what dictators, emperors, or any number of slime-ball oligarchs usually resort to when their ass is in the sling. If you think the anti-war movement, such as it is, made a big impression three years ago on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, wait 'til you see what happens if the neocons are stupid enough to go after Iran. Good luck and good night!


Blogger T said...


Statement by the Vice President

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Please be seated. Today, with fully 250,000 of America's most expendable grunts poised to maybe possibly survive repeated waves of VX nerve gas attacks during our righteous smackdown of the entire hellbound subcontinent of Allahstan, it is my pleasure to announce the details of the Bush Administration's fully noble and honorable twelve-step recovery plan for the future former nation of Iraqaeda.

This plan, conceived by yours truly – a life-long public servant with no plans to ever enter the fabulously lucrative private sector – will fundamentally change the way literally dozens of my former petrochemical executive golf partners can relieve the world's poor of their burdensome dreams of not wallowing in human filth. Indeed, it a plan borne of the time-tested American tradition of Compassionate Conservatism - of bombing a demonized and powerless desert armpit to dust, then rehabilitating its easily-malleable raghead populace with steaming bowls of Kraft® Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese and aggressively soul-balming Christian proselytizing until such time as they can properly function as productive drones in a global society that prizes 1/2 pound burgers, white beauty, shiny baubles, and sloth-like complacency. The plan is as follows:

Twelve-Step Recovery Plan for Future Former Nation of Iraqaeda:

Non-Greed-or-Vendetta-Inspired Regime Change through Superior Defense Technologies.
Purely Humanitarian Reconstruction of Bombed-Out Buildings & Facilities.
An Utterly Charitable Clean Water Initiative.
Completely Altruistic, Famine-Averting Strip-Mining Solutions.
Non-Greed-Inspired Road & Highway Rehabilitation.
Exclusively Kindhearted Enhancements of Railroads, Airports, and Ports & Harbors.
Wholly Compassionate Sand Control & Stabilization.
Entirely Benevolent Assembly of Ammonia Plants.
Fully Non-Avaricious New Oil Well Drilling and Oil Well Completion.
Profoundly Selfless Delivery of Petroleum Refining and Pipeline Services.
Mercilessly Crush the False Religion of "Islam."
Install "Florida-Style" Democracy.
Thank you. No questions, of course.

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