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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Climate Crisis deniers reep the whirlwind

The recent freak tornado in western Massachusetts laid a path of destruction across a good portion of Hamden County, south of where I'm writing from. This happened a little over a week following the mega-tornado that destroyed so much of Joplin, Missouri, and before that the one that tore up Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We've had more than few so-called weather anomalies in these parts the past few years. Last winter's record heavy snowfall was no real surprise for New England, but the year before a micro-burst took out a swath of trees out back, jumped the house, and knocked over more out front. That was a little close for comfort, as they say.

It looks like extreme weather is starting to be a regular occurrence everywhere these days. Try telling that to the climate crisis deniers down in DC or their far-right enabler pundits however and you'll get enough blustering and hot air to cause a small micro-burst in your immediate vicinity. Be that as it may, the science is in and all those flat-earth reactionaries need to do us all a BIG favor get out of the way......but they are not doing that, are they? As I've noted in previous posts here, the real end of the world isn't about Rapture or the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It's about humanity destroying the biosphere that supports life. It's about collective suicide (so-called pro-lifers take note).

I'm not at all sure what it's going to take to either help these enemies of the Earth to see the light or to push them into the margins of society where they belong. One thing is for certain, people who refuse to acknowledge scientifically proven fact have no business in any leadership position in government. And yet, our national culture (such as it is) has become like a self-absorbed sociopath. Our priorities are so twisted that way too many of us value the superficial over the substantiative, the lurid over the learned, fantasy over fact. Perhaps it would take one of those mega-tornadoes howling down Pennsylvania Avenue and tearing into the Capitol to wake-up those in the House chamber to the fact that THEY will be responsible for the end of the world as we know it.


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