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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Return of the Sun God

Attention dreamers, blasphemers and schemers
there's a blue-light special in the seventh aisle
there's a good chance the 2nd coming came and went
that Jesus got whacked by the FBI
that the anti-christ is really a head of state tempting fate
that the Rapture lost stature, the saved are actually lost
sinking daily into dull cardboard boxes
full of single old gloves and soiled eyeglass cases
There's a good chance none of that matters
that the lark will sing regardless who listens, the fly or flea
will bite both sinner & savior, that the laws of physics will
remain the same and believers will believe in unbelievable tales
of things they've never seen. 
Come millions of years, when your god is history
the Sun will expand beyond any command and
toast every marshmallow in sight
The stars have no interest in investments or vestments,
quarterly reports are mere fuel for the fire, so the liar
the broker, the barker, the joker are
all in the dustbin together, forever.


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