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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Earth to White House: The door swings both ways!

It seems the Bush regime and it's repugnican noise machine is demanding a monopoly on phony news. This recent dog and pony show about the retracted Newsweek piece on trashing the Quran at Gitmo is more smoke than fire. While the White House feigns indignation over the news clip, pounding its' collective fist on the podium, the hand behind its back is holding "Jeff Gannon's" leash and a copy of the Downing Street Memo. Who are these clowns kidding??

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is Orwell's "Ministry of Truth" writ large. The neo-cons and bottom-feeders in that operation have ruined the lives of countless U.S. citizens and a seemingly endless number of people around the world with their lies and deceptions. To call it spin is a disservice to everyone's intelligence. The Bush regime's horrific policies, be they economic, political, environmental, what-have-you; and of course their illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq have all been facilitated by lies and deceit. If it isn't their own stable of journalists-on-the-take
doing their dirty work it's the corporate sycophants haunting the Press Room. Why these guys haven't been dragged out of that place and run out of town speaks volumes about the state of this nation.

Maybe the citizens of these United States have just been exposed to far too much advertising over the years. Nobody knows what's true anymore. Like robots, your neighbors believe what ever the last person they talked to told them. ARRRGGHHH! They're coming! Don't go to sleep!! ....oh, sorry, that's from a film, right? A work of fiction. I don't know, these days fact and fiction seem so....what? co-dependent?
Tell me these guys will go to far. Tell me at some point they'll be a tipping point. They can't go on bullshitting the nation about the "liberal media" bullshitting the nation while they continue bullshitting the nation, right? Doesn't the door to the White House swing both ways? Will it hit them on the way out, as it's designed to do? Tell me it will.


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