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Monday, November 24, 2008

O eight thanks

while we're giving thanks
be glad if no one's shooting
at you, in the desert or
from the blind, a platform
dressed in camo or blood
red, the last color we saw
has changed, pray for that
give thanks out of the blue
just in time we hope
to save the planet and
what's left of tattered
documents penned by hand
long before social networking
was done alone, thanks
for broken banks and an
opening for what's real:
your warm embrace, words that
smooth the edges of this page
a family at the table with
little to argue, forgiving


Blogger Charles Johnson (Rad Geek) said...

Hi there,

I'm sorry to leave this as a comment on your blog; I had trouble finding private contact information. Feel free to delete after you've had a chance to read the message. You can reach me by e-mail at

So, the reason I'm writing is that it appears that the old anarchoblogs aggregator ( has disappeared from the web; I've tried contacting rabble about it, and haven't gotten any response, but stuff he's written elsewhere seems to indicate that it's likely to remain disappeared into the indefinite future.

I'm writing because I'm making plans to restart Anarchoblogs, at the
domain, probably some time later this
week if nothing comes up that would block it. I'm hoping to make it a
lot like the old Anarchoblogs, but to add a few new features -- in
particular, having not only a main page that aggregates everything, but
also some more specific aggregators for particular communities
(geographical, ideological, linguistic, organizational, or whatever --,,,, and the like).

Since you were a contributor on the old Anarchoblogs, I'd like to
invite you to join the new project. Would you be interested in having
your blog syndicated on the site? Let me know.

Charles Johnson
Rad Geek People's Daily

4:37 PM  

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