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Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Ill Cape Wind blows no good

Cape Wind privatizers are celebrating the recent Minerals Management Service (MMS) green light for their industrial wind plants in public waters off our coast in beautiful Nantucket Sound. That would be the same Bush regime MMS that's leasing critical polar bear habitat to Big Oil. Not surprizingly, MMS's evaluation of Cape Wind is "deeply flawed".

A public comment period is coming up where you can weigh-in on this issue, but before you do PLEASE watch this brief video.

If that doesn't convince you that Cape Wind is the right project in the WRONG PLACE i don't know what will. Are we here in the Commonwealth prepared to open the public commons to private profit? Are we prepared to trash our amazing coastline with industrial blight? Apparently, groups like Greenpeace and Environment Massachusetts, among others, are prepared to turn beautiful Nantucket Sound into a national sacrifice zone.

So, here's the link to Save our Sound, the lead opponents to this sorry response to the climate crisis. You'll find links to the public comment opportunities and other info on the issue.

Thanks for your attention, and remember....listen to your Mother!
(not to enviros who make backroom deals supporting industry and privatization!)


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