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Friday, July 29, 2011

Earth on fire

the planet is on fire
first responders are
burnt out from drought
and shoppers too consumed
to do much but make for
that fire sale, that sale
to end all sales, but it's
getting hot as hell in
here and the power is
going out and outside
the flames are growing,
sucking the air right out
of thin air, roaring into
canyons all over the map.

the planet is on fire with
enough carbon dioxide for
everyone and the future
holds little promise for
yet another run of distraction
and clever commercials to
entertain the marks and
their endless dogged
displacements securely tied
to such notions and oceans
of thoughts about games
played out, imaginary worlds
where all fires are under
control unlike the real world
where hot is not really
what's-her-name but gaia
is burning and who is alarmed?


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