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Saturday, July 05, 2014


I was going to begin this by describing a family in a cafe on Martha's Vineyard all seated together around a table, each concentrating on their own hand held device but then i recalled the man standing on a bluff at the Cape Cod National Seashore on a perfectly beautiful day under intense blue sky above the vast Atlantic reflecting the sky and the ever returning waves meeting The Great Beach that went for miles in either direction amidst the sound of the surf and the sea birds as he checked his messages or texted some far away acquaintance but that changed when I remembered the woman in the car coming up the hill as I drove down in the opposite direction and noticed her fender coming at me across the center line at the same moment I saw her focused on the device in her hand instead of on the road in front of her yet then I just thought of a photo I saw of five or six young teenage girls together on a sidewalk or mall somewhere each one of them staring intently into the device in each of their hands communicating with some other teenager perhaps somewhere else or worse right next to them but that brought to mind something else I can't recall at the moment so I thought I'd mention those people who take a call when you are in the middle of a seemingly private conversation though private conversation may seem a quaint phrase these days and I was still thinking of writing about it when I remembered the guy in the late model sedan in my rear view mirror weaving along behind me when he wasn't tailgating me with his arm out the window wildly gesticulating and himself floundering around in the driver's seat so much I feared he was having a ceasure but he was only having an animated conversation on his device, hopefully not in his other hand, as he drifted completely into the oncoming lane numerous times or nearly off the shoulder in our our own lane and appeared just briefly now and then to recall he was driving a car, driving a car too fast and without much conviction that I became concerned he would kill himself or worse me in the course of his conversation, or a few miles later after he had sped ahead of me using a shortcut, the woman on the old bicycle he must have blown bye at high speed on one side of the road or the other but as I came around the bend and saw her she perhaps never noticed the guy given that she was concentrating on the device in her hand, all very true but not what I was going to say because I apparently was distracted.....sorry.......


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