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Monday, May 28, 2012

Republicans kick vets to the curb

Remember the Bush era when right-wingers were falling all over themselves to prove their patriotism? In theory, they were all about supporting the troops and never saw a U.S. flag they couldn't wave. Never mind that the too few troops being sent needlessly into Iraq were ill-equipped and over-extended. The Repugnicans just loved them to death.

Well, as they say, some things never change. The far-right (now utterly synonymous with the GOP) still talks a good game about loving those troops at the same time they kick them to the curb. All those teabaggers in the U.S. House of Reps seem to have left vets out of the draconian budget they've been going on about for months. Surprise! Some twisted Repugs have even been nailed for stealing from vets! What happened to all that patriotism??

Apparently the far-rights' presidential hopeful is willing to kick vets to the curb as well. His poorly timed thoughts on benefits last Veterans' Day raised more than a few eyebrows as well as the ire of the VFW. But hey, these guys have been posing as deficit hawks for years now, even as anyone who cared to look would see they are simply shills for the filthy rich and the corporados. Did we mention most of them never served in the military?


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