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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Green dream turns to nightmare

I guess by now you've noticed that we are not living in normal times. Even many mainstream political observers are finally waking up to just how VERY dangerous the fundamentalist neo-con onslaught in Washington really is. George W. Bush's own father, the former President, refers to his son's neo-con friends as the "crazies". One might think anyone here in New England even vaguely aware of the threat these guys represent would do all in their power to rid the nation of the Bush regime. However, just recently we learned that members of the Green Party in Vermont might disregard their party's strategic approach to the looming threat of fascism and launch a kind of draft Nader campaign.

In what seems like a very long time ago, this observer gladly engaged in Green Party street theater and voted for Ralph Nader, hoping in part, that if Bush did win (which he didn't), the neo-cons' actions would galvanize the left. That actually happened to some degree (witness millions in the streets last year), but I vastly under-estimated how really dangerous the Bush regime could be. My bad, VERY bad. Now we all see, and if you don't feel the chill you're not paying attention. I'm looking 60 in the face over here and I've NEVER seen anything in this nation that looks remotely as threatening to freedom, democracy, the U.S. Constitution and the well being of the biosphere as the junta that now occupies the White House. Simply said: there's zero room for Ralph Nader drawing votes while we are perched here on the precipice of the new fascism now threatening to engulf any freedoms we have remaining.

Another four years of the Bush regime? Not on your life. The Greens in Vermont, or anywhere in New England or the nation, are living in a dream world if they think we can survive another four years under the Bush regime. The neo-cons will push the biosphere over the edge. No self-respecting Green can sign onto any tactic that even comes close to keeping Bush in the White House. Never has holding your nose and voting for the Dems been more important. Voting for Nader will be like voting for the end of what little democracy we have left. The lives of my children and my grandchildren are far more important; your lives and those of your loved ones are far more important. We can deal with the duopoly and the corporados under Kerry soon enough, but under an entrenched Bush regime you'll be lucky if you can take any action at all. Think pre-war Germany here. Join the resistance to Bush AND Nader. Politically and ecologically speaking, I believe it's truly a matter of life and death.


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