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Friday, May 20, 2005

a department of justice

is the goddess of justice still
draped from our view like a
raven-haired beauty exiled
in a cave, she's hidden away,
screened off, unreachable
to us plaintiffs pleading the
case for a place we can live with,
or at least spend some time with
now and then in a world gone mad.
for all our loved ones, sisters and brothers
we need a department of justice, true
to its name that wouldn't hide from
our sight, our touch, a life-line cast
into a sea of misery where we drift,
taking on water, shedding tears.

we await the unveiling, though
it may never come. perhaps a rebellion
is in order: storm the castle, free
the prisoners, empty the caves.
how can i not kiss you behind
the barricades?


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