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Friday, August 12, 2005

Karl Rove rescued by space shuttle

With the recent news of the space shuttle's adventures in the final frontier, and now the Israeli pullout operations in the Gaza Strip, Karl Rove gets a brief reprieve from the national headlines. However, his rescue may be short-lived since the fourth estate appears to have at least temporarily snapped out of its usual zombie daze and, in the past few weeks, started to smell blood. References of possible involvement by the Boy emperor in the scandal has lead to some stonewalling of late.

Meanwhile, last week out here in the land of constant buzz and endless speculation, a questionable piece indicating the Fitzgerald investigation might pull down the entire Bush regime started to circulate. Wishful thinking? Probably. This was followed up by Wayne Madsen's report that Fitzgerald would be side-lined Watergate style. With the so-called blogosphere all tied up in knots over "Rovegate", and lefty talk radio refusing to let the story die, it's not likely the corporate media can ignore the scandal much longer. Hey! it's vacation time, right? Even dwellers of the dark side like Karl Rove deserve a short vacation, no?


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