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Monday, September 12, 2005

Blame game is a lame claim

Far-right Republicans are falling all over themselves in the rush to put a good face on their failed response to Hurricane Katrina. The hot-button phrase rolled out by bullshit artists like Karl Rove is that Dems and others are playing the "blame game" instead of concentrating on aiding victims of this immense disaster. Of course, "blame game" is a lame claim coming as it does from the people who ignored pleas to upgrade the levees around New Orleans, and who for years have denied the science behind climate disruption that fuels mega-storms. Equally hypocritical is that even as they cry "blame game" they point their own finger of blame at state and local officials for their inability to adequately respond. This, in spite of the fact that the requirements for a federal response were already in place but never acted upon. But you know this, right?

To put it bluntly, the Republican noise machine is full of shit and is churning it out at an hourly rate comparable to the pumps by the 17th Street levee. Those shameless spin doctors are comfortable doing this from their climate controlled suites in Washington, having little or no understanding, much less sympathy for the kind of gritty suffering experienced on the ground down in the Bayou.

Talk about class war! Republican elites in $3,000 shoes, forever on vacation, ferried from point-to-point in limos and choppers, blaming dirt-poor hurricane victims without transportation, or any other options, for not evacuating or for "lack of personal responsibility" is the height of arrogance. It buries the needle on the evil gauge. It's class war at its worse. It's also a whole other layer of two-faced bullshit pumped out by people who use far more precious resources than the people they trash; the people who clean their trophy homes, maintain their pools and country clubs, or pump gas into their disgusting SUVs. The real lack of personal responsibility lies right in the lap of the wealthy.

Regardless of what some say, history DOES repeat itself. Marie Antoinette, in her ignorance and disdain, may have said of 18th century French poor: "let them eat cake", but we know for a fact that Tom Delay, in his imperial meanness and corruption, was overheard saying to 21st century hurricane victims, "Tell me the truth boys,is this kind of fun?". Since we're into quotes here, let's try this one from only a few decades ago: "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows". Will someone direct us to the Bastille?


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