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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

McMedia meets Goebbels – ABC rewrites history

It’s like Disney’s Fantasyland gone all wrong: a dark place where Mickey Mouse walks around in brownshirt and jackboots, kicking Pluto. Disney of course, owns the ABC Network and, as you may have heard, they’re getting ready to broadcast over the PUBLIC airwaves a little Orwellian piece of far-right historical re-write titled “The Path to 9/11”. You probably also heard that this so-called “docudrama” is fraught with disinformation and inaccuracies, easily refuted by the historical record. But hey, it’s a docudrama, right? It’s only BASED on history. The neocon screenwriter, Cyrus Nowrasteh (reportedly a friend of far-right windbag, Rush Limbaugh) merely sent PARTS of history down the memory hole. All he did was replace them with total fabrications that give the viewer the false impression that the Bush regime really isn’t trying to run the nation into the ground by way of needless wars and general mismanagement. Of course this birth of a notion just happens to put the previous administration in a bad light while painting a rosy picture of the present occupants of the White House.

This observer has had little use for either administration (though the present one makes the former seem somehow quaint), but breaking down the line between fact and fiction when it concerns the fate of the nation that houses my grandchildren is another matter. Over the past six years the corporate media has reached new lows in news reporting and infotainment. Back in the last century it made sense for Bill O’Rielly to be anchoring fluff like Inside Edition, but as a hard news guy? Faux News, Limbaugh, and their ilk have turned the nation’s stomach and the corporate Networks that have hi-jacked our airwaves provide absolutely no buffer. Fuck the lot of them.

If this latest step toward a total Orwellian paradigm pisses YOU off, I suggest you make some noise. You can start here. But why stop there?


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