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Friday, November 03, 2006


Various news reports [1], [2] indicate that the verdict in Saddam Hussein's trial will be announced possibly on Sunday.......just in time for the midterm elections in the U.S. Saddam's lawyers are accusing the Bush regime of orchestrating the presumed conviction in order to boost the Republicans' poor poll numbers. Instead, Chief lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi is requesting a delay in the verdict saying, "We have requested at least a two-month adjournment to allow us to complete our presentations in the case in which our defense rights have been violated and in which our clients have been denied full legal defense."

It seems a stretch imagining the "surprise" announcement of the verdict, or even of a death sentence, would give much of a bounce to the GOP. Most voters no doubt expected such an outcome and the seemingly endless number of Republican scandals, scams and sins have pretty much taken the wind out any sails that might take them over many of the finish lines first on Election Day. If the long awaited October Surprise is rather the November Surprise of saddam's verdict, who is going to be surprised? Granted, there will always be a number of hardcore right-wingers ready and willing to raise the flag and cast their vote for the likes of the neo-cons regardless of their miserable record in office and their subversion of the U.S. Constitution. And there are always fair amounts of people who are easily led by the nose to the voting booth on a whim.

Surely announcing the forgone conclusion of Saddam's verdict won't move that many voters. It could, however, provide a suitable cover for explaining another November Surprise: a strange poll-defying swing to Republicans in vote counts in those states where the majority in the U.S. House and Senate will be decided. Surprise! Another stolen election!

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