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Friday, March 09, 2007

Take back the airwaves

This morning NPR did a hit piece on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that reminded me soooooo much of its 1980s reporting on Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Like the New York Times and other organs of the status quo, National Public The Empire's long-standing tradition of misinforming the public with their "news" segments while bashing lefties with their editorial segments. You know the drill, right? One thing though, a critical point often overlooked even among progressives and anarchists: NPR and their broadcasting ilk are using the PUBLIC airwaves. If they can't get it right and report the real news they should have their license pulled. On to the poetics:

Take back the airwaves

Good morning America
in this mornings' news you lose
you lose because it is not news
you lose because occupants of
the corner office upstairs through
revolving doors to easy street
all look the same on the links
sharing drinks, buying minks
good evening, that's how it is
today, or some such blanket
coverage, the drum hums on and
that's a look at the world, little
people scurrying about (they
look like ants down there!) for
a sugar fix brought to you by
perception managers, newsless patients,
thieves in the night.

Good morning America, take back
your airwaves, they have
fallen into enemy hands.
Pull the plug, throw the book,
yell out the window, bang on pots,
off with the heads before
the network of sticky webs
binds the minds that would set
free consumers, citizens once more
good evening, good night,
it's really good news.


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