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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Neocons should surrender to nation

The rightwing noise machine is desperately spinning away with the term "surrender", as in "Democrats want to surrender in Iraq", when in fact the Republican adventure in that sorry land was a failure from the start. It is the far-right neocons in the White House who should surrender to the citizens of the U.S. for their crimes against this nation and humanity as a whole.

Take your pick of the seeming endless examples of corruption the Bush regime and their followers have foisted upon us: the AG scandal; the revolving door between federal regulating agencies and the industries they're supposed to regulate; the use of White House resources for partisan political schemes; the outing of an undercover CIA operative; election fraud; codifying torture; manufacturing fake news; and of course, taking the country to war under false pretences. The list goes on. The present occupants of the White House make the Teapot Dome Scandal seem quaint.

Repulsive neo-fascists like Tom Delay, himself driven from Washington in disgrace for his blatant corruption, now claim Dems like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "are getting very, very close to treason," for their opposition to the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq. Of course, it is Delay himself who is the traitor for his assaults on the constitution and his attempts to turn the nation into a Fourth Reich.

I point out the obvious here, not to defend the Democrats, but to condemn the rightwing noise machine. These are the voices of empire, the people who would destroy whatever shred of good remains of this nation to pursue their dreams of world domination and personal power. It is they who should surrender to us, the American people.


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