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Sunday, October 23, 2011


There are seven billion people
on Planet Earth today
none of them are corporations
all of them are animals
all of them must eat
corporations consume resources
animals eat food/breath air/
drink water/copulate/occupy space
all the other animals as well
all the same needs.
corporations are fabrications,
they are not animals, not at all,
they are dead, but not dead enough,
they are lifeless, yet they suck
the life out of everything
out of seven billion hosts
out of all the other animals
all the elements, all the needs
with fabricated paper teeth
metal claws and feet of clay
marching on the Earth today
which is already occupied, thank you.
this space is occupied, by life,
already far too occupied and
nearing the end of its' rope
ready to use what's at hand to
execute the lifeless corporations,
recycle the remains, and live on.


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