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Monday, January 02, 2017

The New New Year Fear


Recall the Puritan progeny,
the god-blessed money tree?
Now all pretense of righteousness
gone up in smoke, emissions for
The Machine of very bad dreams.

The new calendar of your devices
says 2017, the scene is not serene
it's mean and it seems the angry fist
is shaking in your face otherwise, the
dark motorcade still passing bodies slumped
in even more doorways, under more
crumbling bridges, babies still in trash cans,
unnatural disasters mounting the screens
and he who would be king, gold plated,
phoney as a three dollar bill, fake and
on the take, holding court with the worst and
 your best interests in contempt, by the neck,
staked decks and a knockoff disaster sequel,
bloodful, dreadful, and yes, deplorable
spills off the screen into your scream.

Still the homeland shelters wait
only for the great and fate, but
we know where the hiding is,
we live out here after all
and for now.........we wait.

                             - d.o.  1/1/17


Blogger DANIELBLOOM said...

I am calling 2017 as "Year 1 A.D. "Anno Donaldo" as resistance....

6:51 PM  

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