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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tonight! Live from New York City! Reruns of "The Compassionate Conservative", mindless cheering, AND! Enough Bullshit for everyone!!

Compassionate conservatism? Wasn't that spun four years ago and promptly deleted when the Bush regime stole the White House? Well of course it was! That's what politicians are paid to do: lie through their expensive teeth and those phony smiles, all the while yuckin' it up over drinks at the club at all the choirboys and rednecks fool enough to buy their pitch, and even dumber to go half way across the world and die for them. You'll see and hear plenty of that bullshit tonight in Madison Square Garden, a venue pointed out recently by a writer in the New York Times as a place that is neither square nor a garden. That's fitting because King George's speech will be neither sincere nor truthful.

I keep asking: how come nearly half the population in the U.S. believes in these guys? If the misinformation, disinformation, and outright bullshit the Bush regime has cranked out in the past four years was placed end-to-end it would reach all the way to Abu Ghraib. Sad to say, even my own sister has had her mind tampered with by these guys. The sole source of news in her house is Rush Limbaugh and Faux News. Last year I asked her if she would at least read something I gave her that had a different viewpoint. She said no. What's that line about a mind being like a parachute? It works best when opened?

Last night was a little more like the real face of the Repugnicans, but only a little. It was bash Kerry night. Not much "compassion" on display there, but at least they didn't cut away to a leakey boatload of bullshit ad from the Not so Swift Boat Veterans. The neo-cons and their fellow travelers on the far-right did manage to keep a lid on the worst of their usual traits. If they had gained full control of the nation by now they would have dispensed with the election charade all together and possibly lynched former Treasury Secretary Paul O'neil; former security advisor Richard Clarke; former Ambassador to Turkey and Pakistan, Ronald Spiers, and any of the growing number of defecting Repubs from the rafters of some Bund meeting. Instead, they deemed it more appropriate to tone down the viciousness usually seething not far under the surface, and present the somewhat friendlier face of fascism. I don't throw that term around loosely, by the way. A growing number of highly respected intellectuals and more than a few other high-profile observers are finally seeing the Bush regime for what it is. The question is: when will that deluded half of the population catch on?

Stay tuned for a few more months of this pathetic claptrap from the right. Don't be like my sister and tune your adversaries out. They are constantly blowing it and adding fodder to the fires of their own downfall. Besides, these guys are fairly entertaining in an alien kind of way. That being said, if they DO steal the White House in November the entertainment factor will turn to high drama. Another four years of neo-con fascism will take this nation down and your ass (and mine) could easily end up in a place we never really thought possible. To help prevent that gruesome specter, look for activity on the day after the election, coming to a theater of operations near you.


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