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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Moving toward the exit

Remember when watching the horror of 9/11 unfold it seemed like a film? Did you get the same feeling as you watched the aftermath of Katrina and the utter failure of the government to deal with it? Did you get the same feeling yet again as you marched in DC against the Bush regime? Do you get the same feeling every time you sitdown in front of that monitor? everyday to wake-up and turn on the news? Have our minds been abducted by some Orwellian paradigm and fed into some kind of soul-rending matrix? GET ME OUTTA' HERE!!

Moving toward the exit

The curtain has fallen away
the Big Screen, it seems
dissolves into the audience
sitting among the props, rising
to the credits, the score
walking in the darkness toward
the door, eyes adjusting to lights
to extras all around us and
rumors of some divine director.
This treatment is in trouble, it's
like the Day After Tomorrow meets
your web cam, it's like, a disaster.
You know what i mean?

You are, however, real. I notice
that when i touch you and you...
hesitate, but these others?
I don't know. I just don't know.
How about this: after the show, you
take my hand and walk me to the exit
away from the drowned cities and
flaming towers, and endless pain,
and bad actors in suits smirking and
posing for every lens in sight,
beyond this point an entry, a
love scene, reality.


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