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Monday, January 23, 2017


Is your Big Government
bad as Big Oil or a 
big boy or big bully
pushing you into the locker
dark and confining where
all your whining echos back
bigly as your classmates 
pass by outside chattering
loudly about mindless text
or something red, white and
blue coming to you from
our sponsors or big orange
monsters bloviating bullshit
as brotherhood dwindles and
sisters are sequestered, confined
yet again by gold plated sin.
Big Oil trumps Big Government
or it is, big boys barely cognizant as
big pictures fall from the wall
you're still in the hall, in the
locker as the Doctor jiggles the
latch. Got a match?
Let's light this thing up
it's big and corrupt
break open the lockers
take out the stoppers
and get all abrupt, it's
what we do out here
we overcome fear.
             - d.o.  January 20, 2017


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