Concerto for blunt instrument

An irregular heartbeat from d.o. to you. Not like a daily kos, more like a sometime sloth. Fast relief from the symptoms of blogarrhea and predicated on the understanding that the world is not a stage for our actions, rather it is a living organism upon which we depend for our existence.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


we prefer a lower case
not lording it over the rest
of us, the land and dwellers
who’ve no use for fancy dress
or the rest, the useless mess
the grand gestures cloaked
in lies and edicts from owners
of too much or too little regard
for others and the water, these
trees always green, always
filtering harsh light and the
fight for a fair day where no
taxing trials will undo us or
the rest of it, the ways we go
without your disregard,
be warned. 

                         - d.o.


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