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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Be kind to animals

Be kind to animals
don't compare them to
presidents, politicians or
residents of headline news
like ratboy, the cheerless
leader, leading the lame
sheep around by the nose
no leader at all, really
not like piggy who did the
thinking, who went south on
us, or the bloated tick guy
mastermind, or larval-lad
who tortured us
and the truth on a daily
basis, decency deprivation
and stress positions in
civic discourse, enough
bullshit for everyone, every
soul on the punished planet
in the dog days, the jungle,
the desert of ideas. We're
cutting the bastards loose
unhitching the team, america
from the crime scene, if
you know what i mean. we'll
stop cleaning their cages
tether their movements and
demand some improvements, under
the big tent and even
at the slaughter house where
they're sent when they're
time is up, when they become
the glue that binds us.


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