Concerto for blunt instrument

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Letter from the Bogeyman

Compulsive pedophile Republican liars
at the door, countless terrorists under
your bed, like a single shoe on
the roadside, like IOU an IED
Detached Leg 101: Remember prosthesis
when evacuating the area, read
all warnings on the label before
exercising your mandate or making
assumptions about security or
the First Amendment to your good old
constitutional rights, and always
look both ways when crossing,
strangers or authority figures or
media personalities with seven figure
incomes and perfect hair, acting
out over what's under your
bed or in the closet or whatever,
this is torture: televison
sets that won't turn-off,
never-ending streams of traffic, a
world of asphalt and dull concrete,
dying trees and cold children lined-up,
shot, abused, forgotten.
we turn now to a funny story about a
one-legged farmer’s daughter….