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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The “Long War” is the Wrong War

From the Left to the Right and everywhere in between, experts agree that the Bush regime’s so-called Long War should actually be called the Wrong War! When far-right rags like the Weekly Standard start coming out against Donald Rumsfeld and his military blunders you know the White House is in trouble. Renaming disastrous adventures in foreign lands, re-packaging the Bush cabal’s so-called War on Terror, to make it sound like something out of your 11th grade history book doesn’t cut it. It was a bullshit endeavor from Day One and it continues to be up to the present. No amount of product placement or re-marketing will save what was shoddy goods from the get-go. Sorry Donny, the Long War is such a streeeeeeectch!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Letter to God

Dear God,

Just a note to thank you for all you've done, like for the Sun and the fire that keeps us warm; like for the water and the soil; and the wind that clears the air we need to breath. I wanted to also ask you to protect those penguins and whales and all the creatures in the sea, as well as those in the air, from the smallest to the largest; and, of course the trees. Please also protect all the creatures on the land like the lions; the rhinos; the bears; all of them. O, and would you please destroy the Bush Administration that is destroying your creation? Thanks.