Concerto for blunt instrument

An irregular heartbeat from d.o. to you. Not like a daily kos, more like a sometime sloth. Fast relief from the symptoms of blogarrhea and predicated on the understanding that the world is not a stage for our actions, rather it is a living organism upon which we depend for our existence.

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Little Rebellion Now & Then

The worst of men tells us
when to call upon the best
to stand up/fight back and
put up with all the rest
Let's be clear and say it
here so none of us forget:
"The ruling class can
kiss my ass", we say
with no regret.

- d.o. for Daniel Shays
Memorial Day 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

Control Alt Delete

Do not think for a moment
 you can control me friend
or foe whomever you be
from active group or
society where power seems
a commodity among those
thinking they are free to
manipulate acquaintances
much less me, you see
I was born a rebel near the city
where awareness ruled the day
and while a few mistakes learned
along the way were helpful
this soul is hardwired to
avoid your every move
come what may. Away,

Monday, May 08, 2017

Climate Crime Theater

There's a Climate Crime in
progress, the players
rolls reversed standing
upon wrong marks like
Protectors as Perpetrators
Villians as Extras or
Stagehands stranded among
fallen props, the murdered
Trees and Broken Nests
sullen faced and guarded
by Useful Idiots in uniform
uninformed bad actors and
the State of chaos, of lights
going out, curtains falling and
the Audience arriving late or
never showing up at all to
witness or read a program
making little sense of what's
beyond the fence, the Forest
killed off in the first act
the finale fully revealed
from the start and the
backers, the producers and
directors staging other shows,
failures all, off stage
in other theaters of
operation in a nation of
contagion played out
lights out.
doors closed.
locked down.
The End.

               - Otis State Forest, MA  2017