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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Solstice - let there be light

The Winter Solstice is upon us. It's the Return of the Light, Yule time, The re-birth of the Sun's power; a time of enlightenment. So, how is it so many people in this land are so unenlightened? What has become of wisdom and common sense?

It seems basic survival instinct, perhaps the the foundation of common sense, has been cast aside by those who place more value in value than in the preservation of not only their own species, but most other species as well. The wisdom inherent in not fouling one's own nest has been negated by the will to have the biggest, most extravagant nest around. The common sense of mutual aid has been usurped by senseless domination mindsets, greed and self-centeredness. Far too many people are stumbling around in the darkness, and not unlike drowning victims, trying to drag the rest of us down with them

Politicians and corporate operatives continue to reject all the vast scientific evidence compiled over years and years of research on climate disruption, species extinction, the degradation of our water and atmosphere; the very elements we and future generations need to survive. What are they thinking?? How can they do this to themselves and their own loved ones? Enlightened psychologists may have the answers to these questions but do we have the time for their treatment to succeed? I think not.

Maybe it's up to the ancient powers of nature to enlighten them. But, given the depths of darkness those individuals seem to dwell in and the degree to which our planet has been trashed by humanity, I fear the forms such light might bring.